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Types of project work performed

As the general planner, the company performs
  • geodetic surveys
  • geological engineering surveys
  • static and dynamic testing of load-bearing structures during the construction process
  • inspection of basic building structures
  • fire alarm systems and warning and evacuation control systems
  • alarm systems
  • smoke removal systems and automatic fire extinguishing
  • engineering and civil defence activities. Emergency Prevention Activities
  • calculations of escape routes, thermal calculations (up to 500 ° C)
  • calculations of storage categories, calculations for the time of filling with smoke, etc.
  • cold supply
  • gas supply
  • dispersion calculations, sanitary zone calculations
Development of design estimates for new construction, reconstruction, overhaul, modernization (including technical modernization) parts of the project at the stages of:

Pre-investment documentation

  • assistance in obtaining baseline data and specifications
  • assistance in filling out requests and declarations in the relevant authorities, writing texts, letters of appeal
  • assistance in the development of the rationale for investments, design assignments, technological regulations, feasibility studies, assessment of town-planning capabilities of the construction site
  • development of pre-investment documentation for making a decision on the amount of required investments and the construction period, and on subsequent coordination with the authorities
  • preparation of structural loads to obtain engineering technical requirements
  • consultations on obtaining building permit documentation, design and construction

“Architectural project” and “Construction project”

  • master plan, landscaping, roads
  • taxation
  • organization of traffic for the period of construction and operation
  • external networks and systems of heat, water supply and sewerage, power supply and electric lighting, telephony, radio communications, lightning protection and grounding, automation
  • engineering structures (ITP, KNS, PNS, DS, treatment facilities, transformer substations, etc.)
  • architectural solutions
  • technological solutions
  • constructive decisions
    internal engineering equipment, networks and systems (heat, water and sanitation, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, cold supply, electricity, electric lighting, communications)
  • complex automation
  • structural cable networks
  • local area networks
  • telemechanics
  • relay protection and automation
  • air supply and vacuum
  • environmental protection. Environmental passport of the project. Environmental calculations (dispersion, pollution, concentrations, sanitary protection zones calculations)
  • organization and working conditions of workers
  • interior solutions
  • estimates
  • energy efficiency
  • operational and technical passport


  • coordination of design estimates in the authorities, approval in examinations (environmental, sanitary, construction).

Author's supervision

  • from the start of construction process to the commissioning of the facility.
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