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Pharmaceuticals, medicine, healthcare, veterinary medicine, X-ray calculations

The company's specialists carry out design work for new construction, reconstruction, overhaul, modernization projects for the following companies:
  • enterprises of the pharmaceutical, biochemical and veterinary industries, factories, manufacturing sites, various laboratories, cleanrooms, warehouses, vivariums, etc.) in accordance with the requirements of the international GMP standard *
  • medical centers, multidisciplinary hospitals and clinics
  • laboratories and laboratory complexes
  • rehabilitation and wellness centers
  • diagnostic centers
  • clean rooms, operating units, sterilization, etc.
  • X-ray rooms, computed tomography centers, calculation of X-ray protection (Special permission (license) No. 33134 / 742-4 issued September 3, 2018 by the Department for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus)
  • cosmetology clinics
  • dental clinics
  • pharmacies

* GMP (good manufacturing practice –) – a system of norms, rules and guidelines regarding the production of medicines, medical devices, diagnostic products, food, food additives and active ingredients
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Design is carried out according to the stages of the project
in accordance with the requirements of construction
and sanitary-hygienic norms and rules of the Republic of Belarus
Conceptual design
(pre-investment documentation)
at least 2 options of preliminary conceptual technological solutions for subsequent final approval by the customer are standardly developed.
“Architectural project” stage
is developed on the basis of an approved conceptual project for further development of architectural planning, engineering, environmental solutions and calculations of the estimated cost of construction. After getting approval at this stage, the project documentation has to be approved by the examination committee. On this basis a building permit is obtained.
“Construction project” stage
is developed for subsequent construction and installation works, final approval of design documentation and subsequent commissioning of the facility. PrimaLine LLC develops the entire set of project documentation for all the project stages at consistently high quality, in strict accordance with the standards, norms and rules in force in the territory of the customer's country, as well as in accordance with the requirements of GMP.
To maintain corporate standards and the quality of project documentation issued, PrimaLine LLC uses a modern regulatory technical, technological, methodological and information base that allows to design projects in accordance with current trends in these industries.
Before the transfer of design and estimate documentation to the Customer, the developed project documentation goes through several stages of internal verification in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 to comply with the design assignment, technical specifications, agreed engineering solutions, regulatory and technical documentation requirements and internal quality standards.

PrimaLine LLC guarantees

absolute privacy
the reliability of analytical data and research
the availability of all necessary certificates, licenses and certificates
consulting support at all stages of design, construction, commissioning and further operation of the facility