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Three pillars of architectural planning

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Why do you need well-developed
design and estimate documentation

It allows you to carry out construction and installation work on the project with high quality and on time, without alterations and changes


Correctly adopted design solutions for the project will always economize building materials, time and human resources


Construction works based on a high-quality design will reduce subsequent operating costs and determine the durability in operation


It will certainly save the customer's nerves and money, since everyone can calmly do their own thing during the process of design and construction of the facility

What we offer?
An integrated approach to design
  • as the chief planner, we have the opportunity to carry out the whole range of engineering surveys and design work with our own forces, being fully responsible for the result;
  • professional consulting at all stages of development of design and estimate documentation (from pre-investment documentation to commissioning of an object);
  • assistance in writing applications to all the necessary authorities, texts of letters, filling out declarations;
  • calculation of engineering loads to obtain technical specifications;
  • analysis of the provided input data, its assessment, preparation of tasks and appeals to obtain the missing input data;
  • assistance to our Clients in determining the type of engineering equipment and options for engineering solutions with the provision of comparative analysis;
  • preliminary approval of all engineering solutions with the Client;
  • professional control over construction in the process of planning control;
  • open, honest and guaranteed quality work with our Clients.
What will be the result of cooperation
approval of the project in the planning expertise from the 1st time
construction without problems and headache
optimization of the Client’s costs
confidence that we can always assist our Client
Integrated design is
Integrated design includes a full cycle of works to develop the design and estimate documentation:
1) performance by the Chief Designer of all the necessary pre-design work:
  • - performance of engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological surveys, examination of the technical condition of building structures (for reconstruction and modernization works);
  • - development of options for draft architectural and urban planning solutions to determine the best option;
  • - preparation of a complete set of pre-design documentation
  • - coordination with the Client and city services;
  • - preparation of engineering loads for obtaining technical specifications;
  • - assistance to the Client in obtaining technical specifications.
2) development of a set of design estimates project stages — "Architectural project" or "Construction project". Interconnection of all sections and coordination with the Client.
3) approval of design and estimate documentation in the authorities and approval in examinations (environmental, sanitary and hygienic, construction);
4) transfer of a set of design and estimate documentation to the Client with a positive expert opinion;
5) ​​​​​​maintenance of field supervision until commissioning