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5 stages of project development

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  • Analysis of the urban situation and restrictions on the construction site, sanitary protection and security zones.
  • Preparation (assistance in preparation) and collection of initial input data.
  • Perform engineering surveys (geodesy, geology, survey of building structures).
  • Pre-design work. Concept development. Coordination with the Client.
  • Coordination with authorities.
Parts «Architectural Planning» и «Construction»

Development of fundamental decisions for "Architectural project" ("Construction project") parts of the project. Coordination with the Client. Finalization of the set of design and estimate documentation for approval by authorities and approval in the expertise.


Coordination of design documentation in accordance with TU and approval in the expertise

Documentation Release

Issue of design and estimate documentation and submission of the documentation set to the Client.

Construction and installation works

Author’s supervision control. Commissioning the facility.